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  • The life and daily maintenance of car wiper

    The wiper is an indispensable thing in a car. With the help of the wiper, we can maintain a clear view in any weather. How many people know how often should the wiper be changed? How many people know the daily maintenance of wipers? Auto repair Xiaobei takes you into the world of wipers! Generall...
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  • bus windshield wipers Police suspect attacked Culver City bus driver

    Culver City, California-Police said investigators asked the public for help on Thursday to identify a woman who assaulted a bus driver in Culver City. The authorities stated that the incident was reported after a long shutdown at 1:45 pm on June 12. The bus was parked and was waiting for the sche...
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  • The change will have to change, wiper skills

    The power source of the wiper comes from the motor, which is the core of the whole wiper system. The wiper motor is a DC permanent magnet motor. The wiper motor installed on the front windshield is generally integrated with the mechanical part of the worm gear and worm, and the wiper blade strip ...
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  • The maintenance method of windshield wiper, 99% of drivers do not know!

    First, the reason why the wiper is not clean 1 wiper Angle problem Try clamping the wiper with a adjusting wrench, and then turn it gently to adjust the wiper to the vertical state. If the cleaning effect is still not ideal, you can also try to relax the spacing between the springs. 2. The wiper ...
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  • Appreciate the customs of the world, share a foreign Christmas trip

    “Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle bells…” Accompanied by this piece of relaxing and cheerful music, the full-bodied Christmas atmosphere has been quietly sneaked into every corner of the world, the colorful Christmas trees, the melodious Christmas music, the joy of Christmas g...
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  • Tips for wiper maintenance in winter

    We can’t afford to neglect the maintenance of our cars during the winter. Why? Mainly because of the winter weather and winter temperature and other external conditions, and in a series of car maintenance, car wipers are often easy to ignore. One is because in the value of the whole body pa...
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  • Where is the road of survival and development of auto parts industry?

    Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, it is best to use a Dickensian saying: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Why do you say that? The good thing about the times is that they are like light, rapidly pushing all walks of life towards transparency, sta...
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  • Ningbo Chinahong Traffic Equipment CO.,Ltd. (NingBo IDA Auto Parts Co., Limited) website is online

    Ningbo Chinahong Traffic Equipment CO.,Ltd. (NingBo IDA Auto Parts Co., Limited) website is online

    Ningbo Chinahong Traffic Equipment CO.,Ltd. (NingBo IDA Auto Parts Co., Limited) website has been launched. Advertisers are welcome to come to consult and purchase. Our company has a professional manufacturer of automobile wipers and accessories for 15 years, with an annual output of three More t...
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  • Wiper maintenance guide?

    Wiper maintenance guide?

    1. When using a wiper to remove dust on the surface of the windshield on a sunny day, be sure to spray glass water, not dry. 2. There are other stubborn and hard dirt on the glass, which should be cleaned by hand. These things can easily damage the wiper blade and cause the wiper blade to be uncl...
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  • What are the types of wipers?

    What are the types of wipers?

    There are roughly two types of wipers. One is the traditional intermittent wiper, which is the most common wiper. There are three to four stages, which can be adjusted by the driver according to the rain and sight conditions; the other is the raindrop sensor. , It is mostly used in middle and hig...
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